Donations to “Responsible Vestal Zoning”


We have asked Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Cathy Maliwacki to manage our financial accounts.

If you wish to contribute to protect Vestal zoning there are two ways:



GoFundMe does suggest a "tip" on the donate page when you sign in.  However you can set this to "0" (unless you really want to tip them). Personally I set this to "0" when I donate.

1. Write a check to:   Davidson, Fox & Company  LLP.


Davidson, Fox & Company, LLP and Cathy Maliwacki are doing this as a public service to us and we appreciate that very much.

Donations should be mailed to :

Davidson, Fox & Company, LLP

Attn:  Catherine A. Maliwacki, Zoning Fund

53 Chenango Street

Binghamton, NY 13901


Or give your check to a leadership member of our “Responsible Vestal Zoning” team.

2. GoFundMe account: 

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