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Vote for two new Town Board Members who will listen to Vestal Citizens.
Who are the new candidates? 
Donnelly& McPherson.
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October 6 

From a Vestal Resident: 

To my Friends who are residents of Vestal – Do you plan on voting for new Town Board members in November?  I hope so. I was fortunate to be able to meet and talk with Steve Donnelly and Pat McPherson for over two hours last night.  

  • They are both extremely qualified, caring men who are running for seats on our Vestal Town Board.  Unlike out current board members running for reelection (Sue Messina and John Fletcher), they are eager to listen to the people of Vestal and promote their concerns and desires.  

  • They both oppose the Bunn Hill Student Housing project being built in a beautiful rural residentially zoned area.  They have long histories in Vestal and are familiar with what’s been going on in Vestal politics.  

  • They have solid, common sense, progressive ideas and are not afraid to speak their minds to the supervisor.  

Our current Town Board is an unresponsive clique which needs change, backbone, and new ideas to allow Vestal to grow in a good way.  

We will be having a “Meet the Candidate” night in two weeks.  I hope you will be able to attend and realize for yourself what a good choice both of these men will be.  

We need to break up the current board (who most always votes 5-0 with the supervisor) and get new blood and new ideas and people on it who will listen to us in implementing Vestal’s future.  

Thank You – Voice of Responsible Vestal Zoning!

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We are so appreciative of all of our supporters; people who have contributed to our cause, written letters, and displayed lawn signs.   THANK YOU.  While we anxiously await our court hearing, election time draws near and tough choices need to be made. 

Many of you understand very clearly, that even though you might be friends with an incumbent board member, these individuals absolutely did not support us.  They took advantage of our friendship and support, they voted against our interests, and did not even have the courtesy, professionalism and courage to allow us to present appropriately at Town meetings, or respond to our concerns.

As you ponder who you will vote for to represent you on the Town Council, will you consider if the incumbent board members represented your interests?  Or did they take advantage of your friendship? Being a nice person does not count for much when tough choices need to be made.  Friends are not supposed to deceive you, manipulate facts or hide behind a pandemic-induced communication wall.



Consider these voices from Vestal:


Vestal Resident questions John Fletcher:  "If this 700 bed student housing project was going up in your neighborhood would you want it there?"

                         John Fletcher’s response:  "Of course not!"


Just wondering ... Isn't it a conflict of interest when Sue Gorman-Messina's brother Tom Gorman gets      appointed to the town Planning Board when a controversial project is being proposed?


The more you know about the behind the scenes of this Town Board, the more disturbing it gets.


You deserve better than Messina and Fletcher.


We hope you’ll consider the need to bring positive change to Vestal and perhaps add a sign to convince your neighbors to join you.  Do these candidates’ views for Vestal align with yours?  Find out here:

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September 17, 2021
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