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Dear Loyal Supporters of Responsible Vestal Zoning -


As many of you might have heard, work has started on the property on Bunn Hill Road.  Early Monday morning we heard the sounds of machinery being dropped off and then the sounds of logging.  And on Monday night, even though survey results overwhelmingly supported repeal, Maria Sexton declared they would not hold a vote on repealing the Bunn Hill PDD.  Glenn Miller strongly supported us and called for a vote, but there was no second.  It would appear that we have used all of the legal and political arrows in our quiver.


We fought a good fight.  We fought a clean fight.  We did not lie.  We did not misrepresent.  We cannot thank you enough for your support and kind words over the last five years.  You showed up to public hearings, signed support letters, wrote eloquent letters, sent money, and reached out frequently with kind words, support, and suggestions.  We could not be any prouder than to be associated with all of you and it was a real honor we got to meet with so many great Vestal residents.


The new Board would be wise not to place any trust in this developer and make sure the Town Engineer and Code Enforcement are on the ball.  The previous Board foolishly waived the bonding requirement for the sewer line.  Let’s hope that doesn’t end up costing the taxpayer.  Let’s ensure they use all necessary measures not to foul up Bunn Hill Creek and that their “mitigation ponds” are properly placed and maintained.  Let’s make sure the developer fulfills their commitment to a shuttle bus to decrease overall traffic and to increase safety for new residents.  This developer has not earned any trust in this community.  They misrepresented SO MANY facets of this development from the very first Planning Board meeting (if you are so inclined you can see our full paper here RVZ Call for Repeal of Bunn Hill PDD.pdf).  At the start of this project, the developer tried to illegally segment the review and they corrected that only when our attorneys pointed out their egregious errors.  In the end, they bullied the new Town Board with threats of “multimillion” dollar lawsuits and unfortunately, this new Board bought that.


Another misrepresentation the other side made was Responsible Vestal Zoning lost every issue with the Courts.  This is not true.  We got the case to be heard in Cortland County and they tried to move it back to Broome.  They lost.  They claimed we didn’t have standing and they lost on that issue.  Our first Article 78 WE WON.  The previous Town Board only held so many public hearings and invested so much time BECAUSE THEY KEPT SCREWING UP - Not because they looked at the issues carefully.  In the end, they muddied up the record so much that it looked like they had actually studied the issues.  


A long, hard-fought chapter is now over.  We hope that everyone can enjoy their spring and get to do what they love.  We once again thank all of you for your amazing support.  THANK YOU AND WE WISH YOU ALL THE BEST.


Responsible Vestal Zoning


The Vestal Town Board on 04 22 2024 made the decision to not try and repeal the high density student housing project.  They will not vote to repeal the PDD.


Minutes from the Town Board Meeting of 4/22/2024: 


Bunn Hill Housing Development Supervisor Sexton stated that the survey results are in and she has emailed it to each of the Town Board Members. Sexton will give an exact count at the Town Board Meeting on Weds night. Majority of the surveys came back that they were not in favor of the Bunn Hill Project and if possible to reverse the PDD. Sexton stated that there were however, a large number of surveys that felt they did not like the project but do not feel that we should reserve the PDD at this point. And others stated that they felt the development was good and that property owners have the right to do what they want on their property.


Supervisor Sexton stated that the facts are that we did a survey and Dan Reynolds Town Attorney has given us the Towns legal position. The VESTAL TOWN BOARD WORK SESSION MINUTES Monday, April 22, 2024 Page 5 of 8 Town would need a super majority to repeal the PDD and that it is a liability to the Town. Our insurance company will not be covering the Town if we proceed in the reversal of Bunn Hill Project. The Town has defended themselves for five years for the project and for us to turn around now to reverse it would be a willful act of the Town and the Retreat at Bunn Hill will be successful in winning.


Councilman Miller stated that he realizes that the legal issues have been done and the courts have found that the Town did nothing illegal but he feels that the Town Board did something improper. Millers states that the Town Board ignoring the Planning Board opinion twice was improper.


Councilwoman Messina stated that Councilman Miller is incorrect and that the Planning Board is an advisory board and the Planning Board did approve of the project initially.


Supervisor Sextons stated that she would like to not proceed with this project but she must do what is right for the Town. Sexton states that it is too dangerous for the Town and Sexton believes that the Town will lose this lawsuit.


Councilman Greene would like to take more time to talk to the attorney of the Responsible Zoning of Vestal. Greene states that once they have permits and start working on the project then they have a vested interest and that changes things.


Several members of the Town Board stated that they already have a vested interest, permits have been issued and work has begun.


A vote will not be taken to appeal the PDD.

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