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 If you haven’t done so already, please consider becoming a member of our group to show your support for the Article 78 proceeding ( )

"Responsible Vestal Zoning"  - a nonprofit group of Vestal residents working to insure that the town of Vestal follows approved zoning plans as delineated in the Vestal code books and the proposed comprehensive town plan.  This group insures that Vestal homeowners are protected from the encroachment of developers that want to change zoning laws to enhance their profit at the expense of town residents.

Currently friends for "Responsible Vestal Zoning” are working to prevent the development of high density housing in the rural-residential area of upper Bunn Hill about 1.5 miles above the Vestal Parkway. This project will negatively impact rural zoning, roads, student safety, sewage, water, Bunn Hill creek erosion, nature areas such as Nuthatch Hollow, etc. Please see our FB posts for more details behind this project.

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